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Religious Buddha Photo Greeting the birth of Vesak 2014

Religious Buddha Photo Greeting the birth of Vesak 2014 VLCD : Photo Buddha’s Birthday in 2014 are grouped designer of merit forum designed long deployment. The former, after receiving comments have been repaired. This is the new version, please read your dedication to
The specifications were revised and published completed private offerings Spring 2014 Opening Day with the details as follows :

Width: 3543 pixels /30cm
Height : 7087 pixels / 60cm
Resolution: 300 pixels / inch

We are extremely happy and pleased offerings praising the virtues of the Indian service offerings . Printing process will of course have to use lots of financial , just hope you how to balance the rotation is not damaged , do not put the issue to merit the business cycle achievements member . Prayer Ten Buddhas proved . Prayer is enjoying all the solemn blessings in this life and the form of hybrid life .

Namo Original Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha .

Demo ( Preview – Not for use for printing very low resolution )




Dan Sanh 2014 1 demo

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